This section is about doing commissioned work.While I normally paint things I enjoy doing, I am open to doing a painting, or series of paintings for commercial work, such as hotels, restaurants, etc. Please also remember my shipping is for 48 state delivery, by the least expensive method. Any other delivery method is at the customer's expense.

In order to begin a commissioned work, I do need to know the sizes needed, number of works, and a general idea of the most dominant color in the pictures,( such as- our hotel has a tan colored wall scheme, we desire a mainly tan-brown color in the paintings, with seaside motif). 

In that example, the sand would be the area with the most brown, but other items, like an old wooden life guard station could also be included. It could also have been desert canyons, or wooden covered bridges. Adding a bench, or an old wagon wheel, would also be good examples of specific items a customer may wish to include.

    Once I know the number of paintings desired, and we agree on a price, I would need 50% deposited to begin the work, and buyer pays shipping cost, plus balance due prior to shipment.  If three or more are purchased, basic shipping is free!
The Contact Form shown below can be used for commission requests or for
other price quotes or further information about existing artwork by Karen B. Holden.

If displayed paintings are a part of a commissioned work, a volume discount will be applied.
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