On this page images of past "pet rocks" will be shown as examples of what can be made to order, using images of pets past or present. These are often commemorative pieces for a deceased pet. 
What is required are photos of the pet from front, side, and if possible, showing their paws, tails, and any distinctive markings. The best way to photograph is with a single light source, and the pet facing the same way in all shots. That gives me a clear idea how to paint to suggest that particular animal.

Flash pictures tend to change the color values, making it difficult to be accurate, so outdoor light is usually the best option. If you are not satisfied with the results, you might wish to return it. If so, 
returns must be within 30 days, and you pay the shipping both ways, no exceptions.

The latest four pictures are of the three rocks done for a friend's mother. Sadly, her beloved Gus had
 to be put down, and these were done as a memorial for her cherished pet. These were already sold, and I hope her owner will enjoy them for years to come.
Happy carmel sitting on a dock
A painting of a dog on a rock suface, painted on a rock
3 rocks of Sasha a dearly loved pet
Sasha liked to sit on a chair's arm, with her front legs standing on the cushin
The Kennel Club are the four dogs shown, the smaller brown dog had to be put down, so this became a memorial of that time.
First set of Matroyoskas (Russian Nesting Dolls) The subject is Collies, one set went to the Collie rescue organization, another to someone who works with them.
Second set of Nesting Dolls also Collies, but different poses. Nesting dolls like this are like five small portraits, and very time consuming to make, but the results speak for themselves
This is a painting of a cat at rest, on a favorite piece of furniture. The image is a glaring due to a flash picture of the painting, ( I did this befor learning how to avoid this glare, it's an older work)

     "Killer with Fern" acrylic on Masonite 11" x 14"  $275.00 framed/ or buy both cat portraits for $500.00 framed
     "Walking Desi" (kitten in picture is called "bug") acrylic on Masonite, wooden framed 11" x 14"  $275.00/ or buy both cat portraits for $500.00 framed
3179 "Covered Bridge with a Buck" 16 x 20 oil on canvas $250.00 framed
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