The thumbnails below are for photographs from the area, click on them for an expanded view. Some of them might be things to add to a commissioned work, such as an old wagon wheel, or a ship docked, etc. Please understand that if such items are included, it is my impression of that item, and may look somewhat different from the photo.
    Other than that, these photos are here for everyone to view, but as with all of this site, they are copyright to this site/artist. Thanks for visiting.
Karen B. Holden's website  will display new photos from time to time, often with season changes, so check back once and awhile.  

A somewhat ironic signpost, showing that the road is used by both horse and buggy, and atv's.
Here is a creek that curves around into the woods, and could be part of a larger rural scene.
Broken down building, a barn I believe, that was left in this condition. Just an example of rural items that could make up a painting.
better rural building, would make a good addition to a farm scene.
Another rural building, in less than new condition, that would make a nice addition to a scene.
there is a railroad trestle in the background which could be an element for a future painting.
Painting of a cat resting on a footstool, (he loved doing this).
Here are three cat portraits, shown as a group.
Here are four rescue collies, pictured in Santa's sleigh. The real dogs were way too active for this, but two at a time were convinced to pose for a picture, and they were painted together, in the sleigh, so they all could be included, (their owner wanted all four inside).
Here are a pair of dog rocks, pictured with a small suger bowl for scale.
This is the first image of "Mick", a friend's dog, who came to her from the collie rescue program. He's no longer with us, but he was a great dog.
This is the second image of a friend's rescue dog, "Mick", now passed on.
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